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May 26, 2018
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NEET Question Papers with Solutions – Prepare for the NEET Exam 2019

NEET Question Papers with Solutions - Prepare for the NEET Exam 2019

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET-UG is an entrance examination for the medical aspirants. National Testing Agency (NTA) will be conducting this exam from 2020. To crack, this MCQ based examination; aspirants have to be sincere in their preparation. As this 3 hour’s 180 questions can make or break your dream career.

So, are you ready to appear in this examination? If yes, then put your best foot forward with these additional tips which help you stand out of the cadre. Before that let’s check out some important dates and tips on how to prepare well for NEET exam 2020.

Important Dates

  1. The exam Day
  • 3rd May 2020
  • Timing: From 2 pm to 5 pm
  1. Admit card will be available on
  • 15th April 2020
  1. The Result day
  • By 5th June 2020

NOTE: Hope you have successfully completed the application correction process.

Tips to prepare well for NEET exam 2020

To prepare for the NEET 2020, a proper schedule and study planner will work wonders. Check out the 5 tips mentioned below.

  1. Follow a proper timetable

You ought to follow a proper timetable to cover the 2-year syllabus. A well-structured timetable will help you to stay focused and organize your NEET preparation.

  1. Focus on basics

To feel the taste of that hot choco lava cake you need to grab it and have it. Similarly, to excel this life-changing entrance exam you need to have a basic understanding of the concepts (like formulas, theories & exceptions with some theories). If your concepts are clear, your preparation is almost done.

  1. Practice regularly

Well, this is one of the basic tips you would receive to appear in any examination. As we already know that practice makes you perfect, never hesitate to practice more and more topics.

  1. Revise regularly

Keep revising, even if you have mastered that particular subject, chapter, concept and topic. The more you revise; you decrease the chances of getting blocked at certain levels.

  1. Take Mock tests

Appearing for mock tests? You are building a strong base to appear for NEET exam. Practicing a number of sample papers can help you gain confidence in the topics you have already covered. So, go for it.

Advantage of solving Mock tests

  • You get a number of questions to solve which include previous years question papers.
  • You come across the different level of questions right from easy, medium to hard.
  • You realize your mistake before time, which help you avoid silly mistakes.
  • Follow the hint provided with every question. This will help you find the answer when you are stuck.
  • The detailed descriptions are also there for your reference which can guide you on how to approach similar questions.
  • If needed, bookmark the solutions for future
  • It also helps you with time management. You are able to track the time you are spending on each question.

Tips to solve Mock test

  • Prioritize the section you attempt first (probably you would first like to go with the Biology section as it has major total)
  • Love numericals? Solve them first. In that case, avoid doing theoretical questions first. As numerical can help in building up your confidence level (vice-versa is also applicable).
  • You get 3 hours to complete your test. Make your own time slot to attempt a particular section (for eg.:- keep 50 minutes for Biology, 35 minutes each for Physics and Chemistry. The rest time can be used for the revision purpose)
  • For a better experience, you may use a stopwatch
  • Try to avoid negative markings. This may affect your overall marks.


Below provided are links to some sample papers you would like to check out:

So, why wait? Start solving them.

  1. NEET exam 2020 Sample Question Paper – 1 Click Here and Answer Key Click Here
  2. NEET exam 2020 Sample Question Paper – 2 Click Here and Answer Key Click Here


Hope the above NEET question bank would help you prepare well for the NEET exam 2020. For any further queries, feel free to use the comment box below.

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